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The 'Węgiel' company was established in 1963 and specialises in producing chess sets. Presently,  we are one of the biggest producers of chess sets in the world. Our products are well known for their elegance and high quality and as a result, they are usually used in many international chess competitions.
We are a modern company, employing most highly trained professionals. Recently the company decided to expand its production profile and begin producing wooden  window frames. Since 1998 we have been producing  windows frames made from  pine and mahogany. During the building fair, EXPO - BUD '99', OUR windows were awarded with the Pyramid of Enterprise. During the building fair EXPO - BUD 2000 we received the certificate for 'The Best Quality Malopolska'.
The company satisfy demands of its customers because of :

  • The use of the high quality raw materials
  • Systematic investment in the company's development
  • Active cooperation with the best producers of raw materials

As a result the company continues to grow and produce more .

Just call and we will do the rest : measurements and cost estimates. We will manufacture  the window frames and finally, we will mount them professionally for you.

All you have to do is sign a contract..... and settle the amount due.

You are welcome to come - we are always at your service.

The exclusive wooden window frames made by 'Węgiel' company are of the best quality world wide.

As well as wooden window frames looking presentable, they also stimulate our                    sub - conscious. You feel better in any room with wooden frames.
Window frames made from wood contribute to a proper microclimate at home or in the work place. They have the best ecological profile. Wood is a renewable material which maximises opportunities for plenty of constructional options.
Our modern wooden window frames are easily-maintained and cared for. Their high insulating features help to reduce energy-costs during the winter season. This does not however, result  in a stuffy atmosphere. It also prevents the accumulation of moisture so that the room does not become damp.
Wooden frames are highly recommended for use during renovation, redecoration and modernization of historical buildings, as special funds from the European  Union are for this purpose.
What we can offer you:

  1. window frames made from solid pine wood
  2. window frames made from pine wood connected by micro-joints
  3. window frames made from solid red meranti wood
  4. balcony window frames (pine, red meranti)
  5. exterior door frames (solid pine, red meranti)
  6. PVC window and door frames

Feel free to find out more about our offer !!!

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